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    Welcome to the website of “Salcuta” company – one of the leading high-quality wine producers in Moldova! On our website you can find out more about the history and objectives of the company, get acquainted with the peculiarities of production and range of our wines, as well as contact our managers.

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    Each bottle of “Salcuta” wine contains the warmth of the Moldovan sun, the generosity of Moldovan land and yet our reverent attitude to winemaking – the cause of life for our highly skilled professionals.

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    Borrowing the best of the ancestral heritage, we created a company of European level focused on advanced achievements of modern winemaking.

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    Carefully preserving the winemaking coloring of Moldova, we produce wines of European level, which will be to the taste of different consumers. Regardless of our wines which you would choose, with no doubt these are quality products made from carefully cultivated vine.