Family Traditions

  • “Salcuta” company is located in a broad valley, which in ancient times was called the “heart of viticulture”. Salcuta village first mentioned in 1706 was destined by the very nature for development of winemaking. According to sources, the first settlers were fascinated by the beauty, relief and climatic conditions of the area, which were ideal for development of agriculture, and especially viticulture.

  • It is no coincidence that here, in the second half of the XIXth century, wineries emerged, which even in the conditions of the last century developed rather quickly and sought to cooperate.

    Eugen Pislaru was also fascinated by the coloring of the south-eastern area of Moldova. After graduating from the Chisinau Agricultural Institute in 1974, he began his professional career in agriculture in Hagimus village from Causeni district, then he worked in Ucrainca village from the same district.

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  • The rich professional experience, as well as the love for the land and winemaking traditions of the Moldovan people underlied the creation in 1995 of “Salcuta” company on the basis of the historical enterprise. In those difficult years of the wine industry, a new impetus was given to the development of winemaking in the whole region, managing to keep at the same time the main thing – faithfulness to the traditions, behind which the history of Pislaru family stands. It is well known that a good wine can be obtained only if the winemaker is really able to control the entire production cycle from planting grape seedlings to bottling and delivering wine to the consumer.

Following this principle, Eugen Pislaru one of the first person in the country arranged his production so as to be able to produce his own seedlings, establish and grow his own vineries and produce wine from his own raw materials.

Today “Salcuta” company’s own vineyards are a special proud and guarantee of quality of the wines. Much effort and money was invested in the re-equipment of the production facilities, over $ 10 million was invested in development of viticulture and purchase of equipment and as a result today “Salcuta” company meets all the high requirements of modern winemaking.

But fully re-equipped facilities are not yet a guarantee of quality. Following the innovations, true winemakers do not forget about the classic features of the craft, winemaking traditions. The traditions are the real source of inspiration for Eugen Pislaru, for whom vineyards and winery became the meaning of the life.

The love for vine passed to his eldest son. Today Sergiu Pislaru is director of the company, a person who invests in the family business all his forces, all his soul. This real perfectionist in everything strives for perfection and as a result “Salcuta” wines are nowadays recognized not only in the small country of Moldova, but also far beyond its borders.

  • The spirit of family winemaking soaked all the activities of the company. The family approach to the beloved business allows achieving the main thing – feeling themselves the true masters of their craft and understanding that there are no trifles for a true winemaker.