• Production in “Salcuta” company is a multistage process and reflects the company’s mission, which is based on the constant pursuit of excellence.

“Salcuta” technological process of winemaking starts in the vineyard, where grapes, which reached technological maturity, are harvested carefully and only manually. Then they are transported to the winery where workmanship of our winemakers begins. Thanks to their professionalism and experience, the ability to successfully experiment and achieve the best possible results, the grapes grown and harvested by “Salcuta” company reveal their best features, bringing wine unique taste, color and aroma in its individuality.

The real secret of “Salcuta” wines is more than a perfected technology of harvesting berries and making wine, this is love and dedication, attention and constant care for the land and vines.

  • 10000 t

    The workshop for processing and storing wine materials is designed for 10,000 tons of grapes per season.

  • 10 mln

    The wine storage capacity makes up about 10 mln. liters.

  • The bottling workshop is equipped with two bottling lines producing 3000 and 6000 bottles per hour

Production Facilities and Technological Processes

The production facilities and technological processes allow the company making quality red and white wines. In addition the company’s winemakers constantly search for new solutions to expand the range. One of these solutions in 2012 was blended rose wine “Tamaioasa de Salcuta” made from varieties of Muscat group, which immediately won the Audience Choice Award at the Opening Day of Wine, held annually in the country.

Quality control at all production stages is carried out by professionals of the company’s accredited laboratory. The entire range of required studies aimed at assessing the physical, chemical and microbiological indicators is carried out by highly skilled personnel of the laboratory on the basis of the best practices.

Storage and aging of high quality wines is also ensured with its own resources, not least due to available two basements specially designated for such purposes.