White semi-sweet

  • Description

    Origin: South-East of Moldova, Tenetari micro-zone

    Grape variety: Muscat group

    Type: semi-sweet

    Description: excellent aromatic wine of light golden color. In addition to the recognizable aroma of fresh Muscat grapes, floral hints are guessed in the bouquet. Fresh fruit taste with a pleasant sweetness.

    Combination: perfectly suitable for fresh fruits and cheese desserts.

    Serving: to be served cool (10-12°C).

    Volume: 1.0 l

    Natural Semi-Sweet Varietal and Blended Wines

    “Magic Bunch” series wines are the adornment of our wine collection. Each wine of this series is intended to decorate the most elegant holiday table both with its taste indicators, as well as with the original appearance. The wines are distinct by their delicate aroma, harmonious taste and a long smooth aftertaste. They are a perfect gift for a loved one.