White semi-sweet

  • Описание

    Origin: South-East of Moldova, Tenetari micro-zone

    Grape variety: Muscat group

    Type: semi-sweet

    Description: seductively gentle wine of light golden color. Is distinct by its unique bright aroma of fresh Muscat grapes and floral notes. The taste is fresh, fruity, with a pleasant sweetness.

    Combination: perfectly suitable for fresh fruits and cheese desserts.

    Serving: to be served cool (10-12°C).

    Volume: 0.75 l

    “Modern” Series – Natural High-Quality Semi-Sweet Wines.

    The traditions of winemaking in Salcuta pass from generation to generation. They were reflected in “Modern” series, which absorbed naturalness and freshness of aroma.
    A feature of these wines is properly selected balance of sugar and acidity. Thin clean aroma, completeness of varietal taste, bright conceptual design won popularity among our customers.