Where the sky meets the earth, on a land touched by God, you’re surrounded by miles of vines that bathe in the gentle sun. We have a lifelong love for this land, because this is where our grandfather stepped, working with the sweat of his brow to create what today we call Salcuta.

We are privileged to have grown, from generation to generation, with a patriotic sense cultivated deep in our souls. We have a responsibility to worship the homeland and produce wines that primarily represent us, but also the origins and our country. We believe that the most beautiful thing is to know your mission, to do what you love everyday bringing joy to people.

The founding of Salcuta was first of all a moment of rediscovery, a mission. It was the moment when Eugen Pislaru understood what his role is in this life and that this is the tradition that he will carry on through the generations to come. This land is full of memories: from the feelings, thoughts laid out on paper to the steps and work on it. When Sergiu Pislaru stepped on this territory together with Cornelia Pislaru, it was added a love story, a start of a family. When Dina and Titus stepped on the land, there were added emotions, a desire to discover and continuous innovative ideas. Those came with the love to carry with holiness years of work transformed into an overflowing passion. Salcuta is not just part of the family, it represents our family.

Wine is a journey made in unison by the man and the grape. At Salcuta, we respectfully appreciate this synergy and keep it as one of the main visions of the winery. We consider that a high quality wine is produced only when the man / winemaker can witness all the stages of the grape development.

The wine’s way (road) is also found in our logo, which directly represents our vision on this path our soul has taken. This is the way where our values and traditions are found, but also the dedication, the effort, the constant enthusiasm we give to bring to light the pure reflection of our terroir.

Our philosophy

The best and authentic wines are made with great devotion to the inherited know-how in winemaking from our ancestors, a special emphasis on grapes and a continuous innovative contribution. We strongly believe that giving 100% makes a difference over time, and wine is the one that creates memories for people. As we want these memories to have the best taste, our dedication is just right.

Our commitment

Being among the first pioneers of the Moldovan wine industry, we make every effort to be an example winery, which takes into account the importance of the environment, the involvement of locals and sustainable practices in all activities.

To environment

Our vineyards are cared for daily by teams of professionals who work on a set of targets ensuring soil protection and improving the natural system, avoiding the use of chemicals, and limiting machinery. Our aspirations are aimed at becoming fully sustainable, by reducing wine waste, applying sustainable winemaking practices, efficient use of water and energy.

To our customers

Aiming to produce wines at international quality standards, Salcuta winery has obtained ISO 22000 certification and successfully implemented the Global BRC Standard for food safety. Our promise and duty to our customers is in the quality of each wine. Our wine production processes comply with quality, safety and integrity controls, from the vineyards to the final product. We aim to bring you wines that suit you and crown every moment of your life.

To society

Salcuta winery shows continuous commitment by employing the local inhabitants who then become educated and skilled workers in the wine sector. We are also proud of having contributed to the creation of „Vernisajul Vinului” concept – a twice a year event where all Moldovan wine producers promote their best wines to the consumers. Sălcuța supported one of the most beautiful monasteries in Moldova with tanks that ensured the supply of pure water installations. Also, the winery actively contributes to the social life of the village by supporting local events, but also education, being involved in”Master Manole” High School’s many activities.

We strongly believe that beautiful and hardworking people are what make our country unique. We try to keep things alive and strengthen our faith to make ourselves even better and more proud of who we are as a nation and spirit.

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