When we launched the #salcutatellsmystory challenge, we sought to find out your stories, to inspire and let ourselves be inspired. There are a lot of stories that are worth hearing and this is the reason why we want our blog to become your voice, because where else can an inspiring story be told, if not among the lines where we talk about wine?

Every month we will share on the blog an inspiring story written by you. If you have one, make a post on your Instagram or Facebook page that starts with “@salcuta challenged me to tell a story….” and use the hashtag #salcutatellsmystory.

This month we share with you the story written by Andreea R. Cornea about Irina Grabazei and her son, Robert, a story gathered tens of thousands of people. If you don’t know the story, we invite you to read the lines below!

,,Irina Grabazei inspires through the boundless power she showed to save her baby. When she became a mother for the second time, she lived the most beautiful dream with her half and their amazing little girl.

This beautiful dream fell apart when her child was abducted by a dragon: Spinal amyotrophy type 1. Although their world was turned upside down, although she experienced the greatest pain, although time was her greatest enemy, she wiped away the tears that were running like a waterfall, because she knew she had to save her baby no matter what.

She found out that there was a treatment overseas, but the amount needed seemed impossible to raise: $ 2.1 million. She knew this was the only chance they had, so she gathered an army of people and began to fight with this cruel dragon. It was a hard, long, exhausting, painful battle, but she never said she couldn’t do this anymore … She had many bleeding scars, but she found her strength every time because she knew it was the only way to victory. Just as she knew that the sun was setting to rise, she knew that every day she was fighting it got her closer to victory.

And so, it was! With her last strength she overcame and proved that happy endings are not just in fairy tales, she proved that when you fight with all your strength you succeed and that the impossible becomes possible when you believe it! ”

It is far more than what we might consider a story. The lines that Andreea wrote revealed a lesson of life and power, a long journey that, although at first it seemed endless, led to the most beautiful destination: a new #lifeforRobert. The story of Irina and her son, Robert, moved tens of thousands of people from all around the world who were part of this journey and wrote the happy ending of this story.

We strongly believe that there are many stories that you have heard, experienced or seen and that deserve to be written to inspire, to give courage and confidence to all who need it.
Our story continues as long as you are the narrators of this challenge that we launched under the hashtag #salcutatellsmystory. What story do you know? Write us in a comment on Facebook “I have a story” and next month your story may be the one we will write on our blog!

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