Collection ENO

The ENO Collection redefines the purity and noble taste specific to the SALCUTA wine varieties. This collection contains three unique wine varieties. Wines from the ENO collection are proof of innovation in winemaking, a living message of harmony between selected grapes from the best vineyards in Sălcuța and the distinctive vision of our oenologists oriented towards modernism.

Collection Winemaker's Way

A fine collection of single varietal fresh wines, created from grape selections characterized by freshness and fruitful aromas. Oak maturation is applied selectively in order to highlight and enhance the flavor and the overall style of wines. These wines are perfectly associated with a variety of dishes, but can also be consumed on their own.

Collection Alternative

While committed to creating wines with identity, we deliver to you a series of new wines from the old world. A result of alternative and beyond borders thinking – blends of local undiscovered Moldovan grapes together with well-known grape varietals. Made to indulge yourself in the diversity of things and a sip of ALTERNATIVE.

  • Saperavi & Feteasca Neagră & Rara Neagră

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  • Pinot Noir & Feteasca Neagră

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  • Pinot Gris & Chardonnay & Viorica

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  • Sauvignon Blanc & Feteasca Albă

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Collection EPIZŌD

A range of wines that embraces three varieties of grapes of French origin, that are meticulously aged in oak barrels to express personality and individualism. Named EPIZŌD, the range reflects the main vision of the Sălcuța family – a wine is a long way to excellence, travelled in several phases, by the oenologist. Thus, each wine in particular, carries an imprint of the three winemakers of the winery and denotes an episode, from a continuous piece of art of its own.

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