Our Family

Thanks to our ancestry, as a family we feel privileged to have discovered wine as part of our daily life.

Inheriting the love for winemaking has helped us discover our strengths and the qualities that define us, closely involving ourselves in this passion. We are fortunate to be able to bring it into people’s homes. We make every effort to bring to the world new wines, which reflect our team and ourselves.

We believe that a high quality wine is produced only when the man can witness all stages of grape development, therefore, Sălcuța is part of our lives, breathing this brand and having all the family involved in the whole process of creating a wine. From thinking the ideas and concepts and the way it is presented.

We are Sergiu, Cornelia, Dina and Titus, and next to us work a team of professionals who treat Sălcuța as a family, so this passion and love defines us, we do not treat the winery as a business, it is part of the family.


Sălcuța is about family values that are shared daily within our dynamic team. Our winery is the place where alongside effort, diligence and devotion, the people are in continuous search of perfection, be it a unique formula of a wine blend or other unique wines for the wine lovers around the world.

Chief Winemaker


Consultant Winemaker


Quality Assurance Manager


International Sales Manager

Simion Turcan

Europe Sales Manager

Natalia Curosu

Marketing Manager

Dina Pislaru


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