We believe that the finest wines are made with great devotion to the inherited know-how in winemaking from our ancestors, diligent emphasis on grapes and continous innovative contribution to what we do best.

Our commitment

Being the pinoneers of the Moldovan wine industry we thrive to serve as an expert/inspiration/example of a winery that considers the importance of the environment, the involvement of local people and to sustainable practices in winemaking.

To environment

Our vineyards receive daily care of our team, which intends to avoid the use of chemicals, and make limited use of machinery and constantly apply of a set of measures that ensure the protection of soil and the enhancement of the natural ecosystem. Our resources are directed towards becoming fully sustainable by reducing the waste and applying modern winemaking practices, also efficient water and energy use.

To our customers

Pursuing the aim of delivering international quality standards wines, Salcuta winery gained ISO 22000 certification and is implementing the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. This is our promise to our customers that our wine production processes respect quality, safety and integrity controls, all the way from grape to bottle.

To society

Salcuta winery shows continuous commitment by employing the local inhabitants who then become educated and skilled workers in the wine sector. Moreover, the winery actively contributes to the social life of the village, by supporting the „Mesterul Manole” High School, local events and people in need from the surrounding villages. We are also proud of having contributed to the creation of „Vernisajul Vinului” concept – a twice a year event where all Moldovan wine producers promote their best wines to the consumers. Salcuta recently supplied one of the most beautiful monasteries in Moldova with clean water.
We strongly believe that spirituality is the main reason of Moldova being the country of beautiful and hardworking people. We are trying to keep things alive and reinforce belief to make us even better and more proud of who we are as a nation and spirit.

Responsible drink warner


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